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PierVision has the key components in building and expanding your presence in the social media world.  We will take the time to review your current social media state and advise to which social media platform would be best for your industry.  We will guide you in maintaining your pages and also measure your social media activity.

Get more from your Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc. Improve your brand awareness, increase your fan base and direct response using our suggestion for creating, managing and optimizing social advertising campaigns.  

We can create a Facebook page with custom tab to increase the interaction with your audience and keep them informed about your business. 



We will review current social media sites available and advise which sites will best fit your business, maximizing your presence while saving time in maintaining your media campaign plan.

- Introduction your company.

- Publish your product and service.

- Let your fans know about news and sales.

- Design and include custom tabs for increase fan interaction.  




- Have a timed or limitless deal and promotions on your facebook page.

- You should have a raffle and manually or randomly select a winner.

- Get more fans and add an email opt-in form.

- Anyone can easily share the awesome savings among their friends.

- Grow your email list.

- Track your Deals & Fans.



We can help in providing specific content and custom pages for your social media pages, to make you stand out and be unique.  

- Complete control setting from start & finish.

- Track your contestant.

- Grow your fans and interaction.

- Offer your products and services.





Building your audience, increase followers, views and "likes" are critical in establishing a marketing plan for Social Media.

- Have a timed or limitless deal and promotions for your facebook page.

- Get more fans and increase email opt-in with a custom form.

- Share Button used for easily sharing of your special offer among potential and existing fan.

- Track your Deals & Fans.



Tabs/Packages * Silver * Gold ** Premium
Page Builder Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Deals Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Sweepstakes N/A Unlimited Unlimited
Video Contest N/A N/A Unlimited
Photo Contest N/A N/A Unlimited
Leads Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Futures Apps on facebook N/A N/A Unlimited


* Design and configurations are included.

** Futures Apps are included. 



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